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Wouter Diesveld is a dutch full stack software developer, graduated cum laude in Artificial Intelligence, specialized in performance engineering (making software run faster) and analytics. He created TinyQueries, a tool for doing fast data-analysis on large data-sets, which is currently available as cloud service on IBM Cloud. Diesveld is also involved in the Greening the Cloud project, a collaboration between University of Amsterdam, VU, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and several companies, doing research in energy usage of software (read paper). Besides his work in IT Diesveld has a passion for drawing cartoons. Diesveld is available on freelance base for new projects.


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Wouter Diesveld is creator of TinyQueries - a tool for doing quick data-analysis on complex databases. TinyQueries is currently available as cloud service on

IBM Cloud marketplace


Freelance developer

Available as freelance fullstack developer - Experienced in PHP, C#, C++, Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, D3, MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL, DB2, CloudFoundry, REST

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As part of the Greening the Cloud project, a collaboration between universities and companies, Diesveld helped setting up experiments in which the energy efficiency of TinyQueries was measured.

Read paper


  • XS4ALL


  • TinyQueries


  • Revinate


  • TinyQueries was compared with plain SQL and Propel - a PHP ORM framework

    Greening the Cloud

    Set up experiments for improving the energy consumption of software

  • TinyQueries available in the IBM Cloud Catalog

    IBM Cloud

    Integration of TinyQueries into the IBM Cloud catalog

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    HSK groep

    Worked on e-Health application

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    Built service to make 3D drawings of a home using the Floorplanner API

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    Office App

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    Optimized Facebook comments search for Bol.com


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